November 2, 2017

   Look 1: Roarin' 20s




As you all know, I adore dressing up.  Therefore, Halloween is one of my most favorite times of the year! You can dress up in whatever you like with no judgement.  Of course I love dressing up and costumes but I would have to say that the hair and makeup is my favorite part of Halloween simply because it's not something I take the time to do on a normal day.  I don't usually do much to my hair, I've been getting it blonde for four years now and I think it is flattering so I just stick with it.  For styling, I usually opt for a bun, pony or I'm lucky if I brush it on a school morning. For makeup, I have a pretty usual routine of BB cream, concealer, mascara, and filling in my brows... maybe some contour or blush if I have extra time but Halloween is the perfect excuse to go all out and maybe try some makeup looks I wouldn't normally try... or dye my whole head a vibrant color....



   This past Saturday, my boyfriend, some friends and I went to a Halloween dance as a couple from the 20s.  I was a flapper girl and he was an old school gangster.  Now, this is actually my third time being a flapper girl but I love the fashion and glitz of the era, so why not?!  At least this time I finally got a new dress for the costume!  The dress was actually a hand-me-down but I loooove it! I wish I could wear fringe all over on a day to day basis - it is so fun to dance in!  I walked into Value Village last Thursday looking for accessories for this costume and for it being less than a week until Halloween they still had a great selection!  I already had the dress but I had such a fun time looking for glittering 20's style accessories.  TIP: don't just look in the Halloween section, there are great finds all throughout the store if you have the patience to look.


Initial Inspiration:




I was so happy to find the headpiece and gloves similar to the photo. Also, thanks to my boyfriend for finding a cigarette holder!




Flapper Girl Costume


Dress: A gift, but I believe it is from Giant Tiger (similar: Party City)

Headpiece: Value Village

Purse: Value Village

Gloves: Value Village

Earrings: Value Village

Sequin Flats: Value Village

Bracelets: Value Village

Cigarette Holder: Party City


Old School Gangster Costume


Vest: Party City

Mustache: Party City

Fedora: Party City

Bowtie: Party City



   Time for the fun part, hair and makeup!  In the 20s, short bob hairstyles were very popular.  I have been growing my hair but it is very simple to tuck your hair up.  After I curled my whole head, I left out the pieces in the front around my face and put the rest into a loose pony.  I put on my headband over my hair but left my pony underneath and brought the pony up and simply tucked it under the headband.  It stayed in a lot better than I anticipated too!  Just three bobbypins and some hairspray and it stayed in all night!




   To finish the look off I did a very clean makeup look with a grey smoky eye, a crisp liquid liner cat eye, some falsies, and of course a deep red lipstick (Rimmel 107 is perfect!)   I would also recommend this lip color for any fall look.


TIP:  Put a concealer over your lips first so that your lipliner/lipstick will stay better. Put on your liner, then lipstick, blot and then apply a translucent powder to set!






Look 2: Vibrant Witch



Okay, how extra am I to dye my hair just for a Halloween costume.  Actually, I think the costume was just an excuse to dye my hair.  Oh well, it turned out pretty great if I do say so myself!! 



   The whole inspiration from this costume came from my cute little witch hat with netting that I found in the isles of the Dollarama while I was looking for school supplies.  Next, I got this gorgeous little black dress from Envy and I thought the bell sleeves had "witchy" quality to them so of course I paired them together along with the cute lace up cuffs, some purple fishnets, purple lipstick annnnd last but not least purple hair!



Vibrant Witch Costume


Hair Dye:  Sally Beauty  Radiant Orchid  Lavendar(Mixed together, 1 bottle:1 bottle) **Currently buy 2 get 1 free!**

Dress: Envy

Witch Hat: Dollarama

Cuffs: Dollarama

Choker: Urban Planet

Amethyst necklace:  OK My Dear Vintage

Lipstick: Rimmel Lasting Finish in Amethyst Shimmer

Highlighter: Stila 


















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November 2, 2017

October 18, 2017

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