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  Lydia's first blog, Labels and Luv was founded in June of 2015.  Having a blog was always something I have wanted to do.  But of course, life gets in the way.  But now, I am in my first year of fashion design and fashion and style are always the first thing on my brain.  I intend for Labels and Luv to not only be a place where women of all ages can come to be inspired and get outfit ideas, but a place I can also showcase my personal designs and my very own creations, art and other topics I am passionate about.  I also love working with local photographers and brands to collaborate our talents.  By mixing high-end pieces, affordable fashion and a few thrift finds along the way, I hope to attract an audience that understands having style does not mean you have to spend a fortune.


  If you are a true fashion lover, you have watched the Sex and the City series at least three times.  And of course both movies the same amount of times, even though the second one just wasn’t that great.  I have always loved both Sarah Jessica Parker and the character Carrie Bradshaw as fashion icons and in fact, the name “Labels and Luv” originates from the first line in the first Sex and the City movie, “Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two L’s: labels and love.” 



  I am a 21-year-old living in Fredericton, New Brunswick constantly adapting my style to the crazy Canadian weather.  I am obsessed with great shoes, black coffee and any breed of puppies (or just any animal in general).  Growing up, I’ve had the blessing to have my beautiful grandmother to look up to for style advice.  Shopping trips with her are still my absolute favorite.  There was no way I couldn’t possibly inherit her classic style.  In fact, my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are classic items with a twist – my current favorite item is my studded and embroidered faux leather jacket!

  I am in my fourth and final year of my Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA).  It is a combined degree with two years of university education at University of New Brunswick and two years at New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.  I completed my first two years of secondary education at UNB and proceeded to NBCCD to take my Foundation Visual Arts or FVA (required in my first year of being there) and graduated in the spring of 2017 with an FVA certificate.  I am currently in my second year at NBCCD and enrolled in the first year of the Fashion Design program.  Even though I graduate from UNB in October, I will have an additional year at NBCCD to complete my second year in fashion and then receive my Diploma in Fashion Design.  So follow along with the trials and tribulations of a fashion design student and see where life takes me!

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